Welcome to Pacific Comprehensive College

Welcome to our world. We invite you to navigate through our site and find out the things that have defined who we are over the years. At Pacific Comprehensive College – Lagos we deliver outstanding service to our students, helping them perform beyond what is currently possible, thereby, surpassing the expectations of our parents and other stakeholders. Everything we do is about helping our students to perform to their full potential so that they continue to succeed. Our students are challenged to bring forth their best in their academics as they are taught to think critically and trained to be innovative and creative.

By design, every minute of the school time is full of activities and all students are excited about their learning and doing something new. Our students are better placed to achieve their goals with support from a team dedicated to a highly professional and effective approach to delivering academic services that is both relevant and effective. We help our students unlock their true potentials with our academic and co-curricular activities. The students are helped to access new and enhanced levels of performance that drives sustained success. In this way, we have redefined what outstanding service means to our parents and other stakeholders.

We pride ourselves on being effective in preparing students for college readiness and our admission rate to universities/colleges has constantly been above 80%. Our emphasis is on the mastery of academic subjects, in addition to building skills in critical thinking, effective communication, leadership, and community service.

It is a privilege to be a part of the Pacific family. We are fortunate to have wonderful students, supportive parents, dedicated teachers and cooperative administrative staff working together for the success of our students.

We look forward to your coming on board to join the Pacific family and experience a whole new world of opportunities.